Curation and structuring of the scientific production of the IATEXT in Wikidata

Wikidata, WikiCite and Scholia as tools to elaborate a corpus of linked bibliographic data

Iván Hernández-Cazorla
Manuel Ramírez-Sánchez
Gregorio Rodríguez-Herrera

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A bit of history

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Open Science and Open Data

Corpus of linked data

Scientific profiles

Bibliographical data

Previous state

4300 research institutes in Wikidata. 86 research institutes with at leat 1 researcher linked with the property «member of» (P463).
25 research institutes with at least 1 publication linked to one of its members.

Current state

Number of publications of the IATEXT in Wikidata Number of members of the IATEXT in Wikidata


Researchers Publications
Useful and necessary items to link between them and enrich the data
Main sources used as references
Websites Dialnet Acceda
Mostly lists without a defined structure Standarized model.
Can't make an automatic extraction
Potential repository. Weak structure and data


Useful tools to get the results:

  • Listeria and the Wikidata Query Service.
  •, developed script to extract the data in RDF/Turtle. Use wikidata-cli to perform the queries.

In addition to the previously:

  • 43 429 editions.
  • 1689 items edited, from which 1430 created.
  • From the previous number, 1080 are publications by members of the IATEXT.


Scholia: data visualization of the items inserted to the bibliographical corpus

All the researchers can be visualized.

But there isn't time available to add all the publications.

Pretty complete panels for the organization (Q27639076) and authors.

Weaker citations panel for both:
Only 7 articles with citations

About citations

We didn't plan to add citations during this project and we didn't add references.

Who linked these items together with P2860 ("Reference")?

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Request of the permission to perform tasks of Citationgraph bot 2 by Harej

How can this corpus be used?

Fragment of citation.js README with its logo

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